Danseuse à la Barre by Edgar Degas, c. 1885, Pastel on joined paper

Hello all! Welcome to Breaking Down Ballet. Come find your place at the ballet barre, and let me introduce myself to you!

My name is Mikaela. I decided to start this blog because there are not many blogs in existence that are oriented toward learning-and teaching-ballet. I aim to make this blog a resource for ballet students looking to improve their technique and understanding of steps. Through this blog, I also hope to supply ballet teachers with ways of thinking about and breaking down steps that they can share with their students.

Because it is so detail-oriented, ballet is a challenging art form to learn and to teach. Ballet calls upon students to keep in mind many principles and pay attention to the entire body as steps are carried out, and it calls upon the teacher to help make his or her students aware of the precise ways to position and move the various parts of the body.

The focus of my blog posts will be breaking down steps in ballet by providing metaphors for them and/or their components. Students can use these metaphors to unlock their own potential, and teachers can use these images to unlock students’ potential to execute ballet steps with improved technique and accuracy.

Image by werner22brigitte at Pixabay.com.

With over 10 years of taking ballet classes on a weekly basis and experience choreographing three times for community college dance concerts, I have gained ballet insights over the years that I feel make me equipped to dissect the components of the art form. Additionally, I started substitute teaching ballet at a studio in September 2016, and I started teaching a weekly ballet class there in July 2017. As I teach, I continue to develop new insights about ballet each week, and I am learning as I go.

My desire for this blog is to share the ballet insights I have gained and am gaining. I also intend to provide a platform for ballet students and teachers alike to exchange their own insights about this challenging, but extremely rewarding and beautiful, art form.

Come stay, and plié for a while!

Here I am at a community college performance, looking quite jovial.